About Us


LumiLor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The product allows manufacturers to design with light in ways previously impossible. It produces a single-color light that is visible at long distances and shines through many types of atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow and smoke.

In Malaysia, we’re the sole patent providers of Lumilor Light Emitting Coatings (LECs) under the name Lumilor Malaysia.

At Lumilor Malaysia, the LECs are applied using a professional high volume / low pressure (HVLP) paint system. The skills needed to apply LumiLor are similar to the skills needed to apply other professional grade coatings with an HVLP system. LumiLor is a four layer coating system and includes processes and specifications which are unique to our patents. Three to five hours is needed to apply all of the layers of LumiLor in standard conditions. LumiLor LECs are available in five native colors, these are colors you see when LumiLor is lit.